Project Dump

A place to put any projects that may be of interest. These mostly just try to demonstrate certain technologies or methods.

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A console for created to help debugging. View and send events just like your app. Connect to your own server or run the tutorial.

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The Webiverse

A multiplayer 3d navigable room using THREE.js and Graphics are smooth and works on Windows, MAC and Linux. WebGL + Web Sockets are definitely a powerful combo.

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Tic Tac Toe

There are 255,168 possible ways a tic-tac-toe game can unfold. It can take JavaScript minutes to calculate all of the outcomes. Instead of calulating all of them, you can select different quantities and see how your browser compares to others.

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Zombie Game

This was going to be a multiplayer RPG type game with a few different classes and moves but I was having trouble getting the graphics to be smooth.

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Socket Smash

This is the second game that uses web sockets. This was modeled off Super Smash Brothers and is a multi-player game that awards points for killing eachother and also has a king of the hill aspect as well.

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Socket Racing

This is a Javascript game used to demonstrate web sockets and its viability. At one point there were over 30 people connected and there wasn't any noticable lag.

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